HPC solutions :

Harrington HPC Microsystems offer HPC Solutions and annual maintenance for Enterprise customers. We offer services that include design and installation of supercomputers, HPC clusters, HPC Parallel storage systems, user training, system administration training, parallel file system administration training and benchmarking.  Large HPC systems are complex and expensive to implement, and we could provide expertise in designing, integrating, deploying systems while minimizing risk for end users.

Big Data solutions:

Data is fast becoming the most valuable currency in this new data economy. It is critical to making your business more successful — and it has changed the game as we knew it. Our big data solutions allow you to not just change with the game, but win it — through improved customer experiences and business operations.

Cloud Solutions :

With our IaaS, PaaS and SaaS buyer’s guides we help you get started evaluating the top cloud computing solutions by outlining the key considerations as well as the pros, cons and risks that come along with them. Our goal is to streamline the evaluation process by providing an unbiased, analytical look at what the solutions offer and how they can benefit your organization.