HPC (High Performance computing )

A helpful way to help understand what high performance computers are is to think about what’s in them. You have all of the elements you’d find on your desktop — processors, memory, disk, operating system — just more of them. High performance computers of interest to small and medium-sized businesses today are really clusters of computers. Each individual computer in a commonly configured small cluster has between one and four processors, and today’s processors typically have from two to number of cores. HPC people often refer to the individual computers in a cluster as nodes. The point of having a high performance computer is so that the individual nodes can work together to solve a problem larger than any one computer can easily solve. And, just like people, the nodes need to be able to talk to one another in order to work meaningfully together. Of course computers talk to each other over networks, and there are a variety of computer network (or interconnect) options available for business clusters.


Harrington HPC Microsystems offer HPC Solutions and annual maintenance for Enterprise customers. We offer services that include design and installation of supercomputers, HPC clusters, HPC Parallel storage systems, user training, system administration training, parallel file system administration training and benchmarking.  Large HPC systems are complex and expensive to implement, and we could provide expertise in designing, integrating, deploying systems while minimizing risk for end users.

System Design and Parallel File System Services for HPC Clusters:

Our HPC experts work with end users to identify their specific needs and requirements. Using the most relevant technology and products, our system design engineers develop a balanced system design to match your budget and performance requirements. Our engineers then explain how our design helps achieve customer goals.

Our engineers are experts in all components of high performance computing systems at various layers – including hardware, interconnects, protocols, file systems, operating systems, compilers, applications, schedulers, management software, etc. At each layer, your organization faces the daunting task of choosing the right components from all available technologies & products like the latest multi-core Xeon, AMD CPUs, Infiniband network, Lustre storage Parallel file system, Scale out storage systems, Flash, SSD, SAS & SATA storage devices, Linux, cluster management solutions, monitoring system, IPMI systems workload management and more. We reduce the complexity and deliver the best possible solution for your needs.

Cluster Management & Deployment:

Install, configure, monitor and manage all the nodes in the cluster is complex task. Depending on the size and features of the cluster, deployment can make difficulties or break a cluster. Our engineers are proficient in popular cluster deployment suites Like Bright Computing, HP CMU, IBM Platform computing and etc…

Our HPC experts can also successfully integrate relevant technologies like IPMI, KVM, out of band management, etc. to provide an integrated and comprehensive cluster management solution.

Job Scheduling and Resource Management:

Achieving high levels of cluster utilization is a daunting task for many customers and often results in underutilized resources. Integrating a job scheduler system or a resource manager can go a long way in realizing the full potential of your investment. A multitude of resource management software suites are available in the open source community (OpenPBS, torque, maui …) and from independent software vendors (LSF, PBS, Moab). Our HPC experts can work with you to identify the right solution for your cluster and help integrate the scheduler with your cluster.