HPC Management solutions

Harrington HPC Microsystems offers both HPC Cluster Manager and HPC workload management products with the intelligence engine that reduce cluster deployment complexity and optimizes scheduling and management across workloads and resources, based on policies.

A cluster manager usually is a backend graphical user interface (GUI) or command-line software that runs on one or all cluster nodes (in some cases it runs on a different server or cluster of management servers.) The cluster manager works together with a cluster management agent. These agents run on each node of the cluster to manage and configure services, a set of services, or to manage and configure the complete cluster server itself (see supercomputing.) In some cases the cluster manager is mostly used to dispatch work for the cluster (or cloud) to perform. In this last case a subset of the cluster manager can be a remote desktop application that is used not for configuration but just to send work and get back work results from a cluster. In other cases the cluster is more related to availability and load balancing than to computational or specific service clusters. The most available Cluster Managers are Bright Cluster Manager, HP CMU and IBM Platform computing.

A Cluster workload and resource Manager accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying workload management across complex, heterogeneous cluster environments or even HPC cloud environments. The workload management Suite products leverage the multi-dimensional policies to continually schedule and monitor workloads, resources, SLAs, and priorities to optimize workload output. And these policies utilize the unique management integration tools that integrate data and actions across heterogeneous resources, resource managers and management tools to maximize value.  There are some cluster workload managers like Moab Adaptive computing, PBS Professional, IBM LSF and etc…

  • Make Clusters Really Easy

Scale to thousands of nodes. It is not dependent on third-party (open source) software that was not designed for this level of scalability.

  • Install Clusters … Easy

Install a complete cluster from bare-metal to turnkey supercomputer within an hour with minimal Linux knowledge.

  • Monitor Clusters … Easy

Monitor hundreds of useful hardware and software metrics. Create graphs with one mouse click. Zoom in and out of graphs dynamically.

  • Manage Clusters … Easy

Manage all elements of your cluster from one consistent GUI — software images, users, cluster health, workload management, alarms, security and much more.

  • Use Clusters … Easy

Benefit from a large collection of compilers, MPI and mathematical libraries, software development tools and environment modules — all pre-installed and pre-configured.

Add nodes to your cluster by plugging them in and letting our software take care of the rest. Advanced features such as failover and load-balanced node provisioning are accessible through the intuitive GUI and do not require custom scripting or specific Linux or HPC expertise.

  • Scale Clusters … Easy

Scale Clusters to Thousands of Nodes

Scale to thousands of nodes. It is not dependent on third-party (open source) software that was not designed for this level of scalability. Many advanced features for handling scalability and complexity are included:

  • Management Daemon with Low CPU Overhead
  • Multiple Load-Balancing Provisioning Nodes
  • Synchronized Cluster Management Daemons
  • Built-In Redundancy
  • Diskless Nodes